Yazidi Refugees

Dear friends of Iraq: as you know, the most persecuted people by the Islamic State are the Christians because what they hate the most is Our Lord Jesus Christ’s Cross. That’s why when they enter a city the first victims are the Christians.

But their next move is to start chasing everybody who does not think like them, specially the Shia Muslims and the Yazidis (Iraqi minority that practice a pre-Islamic religion related to the old Persians). The Shias are majority in Iraq and it is not quite difficult for them to get protection from the government. The Yazidis, on the other hand, are few and abandoned. This is why the Church now is helping them.


       We are in a permanent contact with Fr. Ghadir, a Carmelite, who is doing a hard apostolate service in Duhok, Kurdistan; we send him part of the aid we receive through our blog to help many Yazidis sheltered in that city. In Fr. Ghadir’s words: without our help many of them would have died from hunger and cold weather.

      I’m sending you pictures of what we bought for these holidays. Mainly for their basic needs (food, blankets and medicines), and also presents for the children.

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      In the parable of the Good Samaritan Christ teaches us that we have to become neighbors of everybody, specially the needy ones. You have done it with your material help, prayers and sacrifices!

 God bless you all!

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