Born with Difficulty

We present Santa, a refugee girl born 20 days ago.
She is the sister of Masara who received her First Communion in our church.
After just being born, she had to be taken to the hospital for an infection and was hospitalized for several days. But she recovered and has returned to the refugee school and in a few days the whole family will move to the camp.
With the great heat of this time of year there are many babies suffering a lot. We learned that 5 of them are in comas (not refugees but local people of Baghdad).
Santa has brought joy to her family, who themselves already live in great peace and acceptance of God’s will.
The father has sacrificed much and will take any job that comes his way, until he can be guardian of a church, since that is what he hopes to accomplish with his labor.
We pray for this beautiful family and for all of the refugees.

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