Pope Francis meets with Middle East Nuncios to discuss Jihadist violence


Pope Francis is still concerned about violence in the Middle East. He called the Apostolic Nuncios and other pontifical representatives in the region to meet him at the Vatican. For two days, they will discuss how the Church can continue to help Christians and other persecuted minorities in the area.

The Presidents of the Dicasteries involved with the region also attended the meeting, along with the permanent observers of the Holy See to the UN and the Apostolic Nuncio to the European Union.

Pope Francis greeted them one by one. He then listened to all the information brought by the representatives of Syria and Iraq. The President of the Pontifical Council ‘Cor Unum’, Guinean Cardinal Robert Sarah, explained how the Church is trying to tackle the suffering of the refugees.

Terrorism worries Pope Francis. He pointed out that arms trafficking may be one of its roots.

This round of meetings will finish on Saturday October 4. Their theme is ‘The Presence of Christians in the Middle East.’

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“Iraq: A Country of Martyrs”


Interview with Fr Luis Montes*, IVE to the information service of the Holy See Foundation “Aid to the Church in Need” (ACN). Original link of the news: https://www.ain-es.org/fichaNoticias/detalleNoticia.aspx?identificador=2469   Father Luis Montes, a missionary priest of the Institute of the Incarnate Word welcomes in his parish the Christian refugees who are fleeing from ISIS militants Father Luis Montes is a missionary priest of the Order of the Incarnate Word in the Community “Christ the King” in Baghdad, the Iraqi capital. He arrived to the Middle East from his native Argentina … Continue reading

The Argentinean priest in Iraq who experiences the scary advance of ISIS’ jihadists


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How donations are been distributed


Many people has written to us asking who are we and how have been distributed the donations they send us, so here is the answer to have everything clear. People who read our blog know that we are two Argentinean priests belonging to the Institute of the Incarnate Word who are blogging and managing the facebook page. Fr. Jorge Cortes IVE, the community’s superior, is also the Dioceses’ Vicar. Fr. Luis Montes iVE, is Baghdad’s Latin Cathedral “St. Joseph and Saint Therese of Child Jesus” parish priest. They both arrived … Continue reading

My mission among the sufferings of the Iraqi brothers


Vatican City (Agenzia Fides) – Cardinal Fernando Filoni, Prefect of the Congregation for the Evangelization of Peoples, who returned from Iraq last night after his visit as personal envoy of Pope Francis, met the Pope this morning to inform him about the mission entrusted to him.  In the following interview, the Cardinal Prefect of the Congregation told Fides Agency about the meetings and impressions that marked the days spent in the devastated Middle Eastern CountryEminence, your visit was an emergency humanitarian trip which involved Christians and the other inhabitants of … Continue reading

An Appeal to the International Community


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From one day to another they became refugees. The Iraqi region of Kurdistan has been welcoming minorities who lost it all amid violence and persecution. They were able to escape from extremists who want to impose an Islamic State at all costs. They’re considered part of the lucky ones who survived, but it’s hard to escape that dark chapter. FANNI Iraqi refugee “Families with children and babies are still out in the mountains. They were planning on staying four days, but there was nothing to eat, just wheat from the … Continue reading

The Current Situation in Iraq


As everyone can notice, the news about Iraq has been reduced to a minimum. Nothing has been solved and the situation is extremely difficult, but Iraq does not “sell” anymore. Now it is Gaza’s turn, and when the infernal wave of violence there passes away, without anything having been resolved, Gaza will also disappear from the news. The official stories told by the media will continue to be this way, when some wars are in fashion for a few days, but in which almost no one thinks about the victims. … Continue reading

The First Church Dedicated to St. John Paul II in IVE and in Iraq


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