Donations for Iraq’s refugees


Two parishes, one in USA and the other in Italy have collected money, which they sent us for the refugees. The total donation they sent was $10,000. A community of sisters in Peru also donated some money for the Iraqi displaced people. We want to thank them for such beautiful gesture. Such Christian communities who showed readiness to help the needy ones reflects an act of love, charity and solidarity; they prove that they are alive! They follow Christ’s example who “takes pity on them”. They are helping Christ himself … Continue reading

Apostolic Mission in the Green Zone


The Latin Church in Iraq has lost tens of thousands members in the war and after the war. Before the invasion there were here around 60.000 Christian foreign workers who were evacuated or left on their own. Most of them were from Arab countries working here and sending part of their salaries to their families abroad. After the war some workers started coming again but mostly diplomats or employees of big security and energy companies. Foreign blue collar workers are nowadays mostly in the safer areas like Kurdistan or the … Continue reading

My greetings to all these magician-clowns from Baghdad

foto 1 scuola di magia

Our friend Pimpa is sending us this thanking message from Italy. We are the ones who have to thank him for all what he did! Blessings to Pimpa!   The faces of these “adult”-children marked by a sense of coldness and gloom for their fleeing their houses,persecution, are actually still alive, becoming the simplest reason of joy. Simple like seeing a plate of soup, Simple like wearing new shoes, Simple like drinking a glass of water. My greetings to all these magician-clowns from Baghdad, grown ups and children. You are … Continue reading

Christmas’ Mass with the Refugees


This Christmas we celebrated three masses more than we normally do every year. Two in English (I’ll talk about it in another post) and one in Arabic for the refugees staying in St. Joseph school. The third one was a very special mass because it was celebrated for the displaced people in the school, those who live in very difficult conditions. It was also special because of the Holy Father’s beautiful message he sent for the Christians in the Middle East. Pope Francis sent a message to be read during … Continue reading

Il Pimpa Has Arrived


More than one year ago we told you about the apostolate of Marco Rodari, the Clown, a young Italian guy who comes every year to perform as a magician-clown,draw smileson children faces and make everybody laugh with his tricks, jokes, and games. In our post “Making people smile (and laugh!): a Great Act of Charity”, we explained the importance of what he does. A superficial point of view could consider his work insignificant, but for us, who witness so much suffering, Marco “the Magician Clown” is a blessing for our … Continue reading

A Mass with the Displaced


There’s a school on our block that belongs to the Carmelites fathers where dozens of refugee families found shelter after they were displaced from theirhouses by ISIS in the north of the country.Most of them come only to do their official papers and then go back to the north to a refugee’s camp or to relative’s house, if they have any that may host them. Many of them while escaping couldn’t bring their IDs’, passports, etc. Some of their official papers were taken by the same terrorists who displaced them. … Continue reading



August 10th, 2014 On Alarming Situation of 130,000 Refugees and Other Grave Matters Rorate was sent a Declaration by the Chaldean Catholic Patriarch, Louis-Raphael I Sako, on several urgent aspects and the grave risk in which Iraqi Christians and other refugees still find themselves. THE ALARMING SITUATION OF THE REFUGEES WARNING OF A DISASTER YET MORE DREADFUL +Louis Raphael Sako Chaldean Patriarch of Babylon President of the Assembly of the Catholic Bishops in Iraq Baghdad – Iraq 10 August 2014 Death and sickness are taking hold of the children and … Continue reading

Terrible things have been happening in Iraq in these last days.


Terrible things have been happening in Iraq in these last days. This is no surprise for us but the conclusion of what has been going on for weeks. Even though Iraq has not been at the center of the media’s attention in the last weeks, this is because of another war (Gaza), but there has been no solution to our conflict. Now, Iraq is again at the center of the world’s attention, for what has been happening is of great concern. This is a brief summary of what has been … Continue reading