“Iraq: A Country of Martyrs”


Interview with Fr Luis Montes*, IVE to the information service of the Holy See Foundation “Aid to the Church in Need” (ACN). Original link of the news: https://www.ain-es.org/fichaNoticias/detalleNoticia.aspx?identificador=2469   Father Luis Montes, a missionary priest of the Institute of the Incarnate Word welcomes in his parish the Christian refugees who are fleeing from ISIS militants Father Luis Montes is a missionary priest of the Order of the Incarnate Word in the Community “Christ the King” in Baghdad, the Iraqi capital. He arrived to the Middle East from his native Argentina … Continue reading

An impressive chain of friendship and solidarity


When we startedourblog “Friends of Iraq” along with its facebook page, in threelanguages​​, we did not imagine thatit would grow so quicklyto what itis now. We had watched with sadness that Iraq had no friends, only people with their own private interests who used the situation it to their own advantage. Aside from such interests we saw ignorance, indifference and mistrust. At present, we cannot say the same, or at least not of everyone. Yes, there is the vast majority of the powerful who continue with their vain and stupid … Continue reading

Act now before it’s too late


“If the situation does not change, the whole world should take responsibility [for] a slow genocide of an entire component ofIraqi society and its age-old culture.” – Patriarch Louis Raphael I Sako of Baghdad By John Pontifex IRAQ’S most senior Christian leader has declared that the US and the EU have a moral obligation to flush out jihadist forces from the Nineveh plains and enable communities to return to their ancestral homes. In a statement today (Wednesday, 13th August 2014), Chaldean Catholic Patriarch Louis Raphael I Sako of Baghdad calls … Continue reading

Is the future of Christianity in Iraq tied to autonomous Kurdistan?


In a matter of months, Islamist extremists have purged the centuries-old presence of Christians in parts of Iraq. Chaldean Fr. Rebwar Basa witnessed this new reality in early July, when he visited his family, who lives in Erbil, capital of Iraqi Kurdistan. FR. REBWAR BASA Antonian Order of St. Ormiza of the Chaldeans “First of all, when I arrived to the airport and I went out, I saw many, many people. Many Iraqis who are sleeping outside without anything.” The autonomous region has taken in thousands of people fleeing the … Continue reading

Life of an Iraqi displaced by violence: More difficult than sickness or death


As the fighting in Iraq continues, so does the number of innocent civilians fleeing the conflict. According to the United Nations, since June, some 300,000 Iraqi left Mosul and neighboring cities for the safety of Kurdistan. Yehya is among them. He was forced to leave his home in Telafar with only the clothes on their backs. He took his wife and four children as soon as the bombs started falling on Mosul. YEHYA Displaced by violence “It’s a feeling I never experienced before. When I picked up my bag, things … Continue reading

First Communions in Bagdad, Iraq


The 11th of July we celebrated First Communions in our cathedral’s church. Mons. Jean Sleiman celebrated them and he was the preacher. This year, six children received Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament for the first time in their lives.  While visiting one of the families, the parents were remembering that when they had their own First Communion there were 150 children with them that day. In our church just before the war, the temple was full only with children and their parents and lot of people outside because of no … Continue reading

Increasing violence in Iraq


Ten days ago I wrote about the increasing violence in Iraq. It was before Mosul and many other cities were taken by the terrorists. What was going on was nothing compared to what happened next. But it was something we were expecting. I publish the post so it is clearer. The final conclusion gains more value. As we say: facts cannot be denied with words. It is unbelievable (or not) that the west is still denying their responsibility in Iraq’s debacle. They have the nerve to not accept their responsibilities … Continue reading

The end of Marian month


31st of May was the end of Marian month and we celebrated it with a mass at 5:30 pm and a procession after it, we went from the church to the Virgin’s statue that’s in the Cathedral’s garden. The procession left from the altar, Father Jorge was carrying the Virgin’s icon, Mother of God, with the Holy Child in her arms. While walking through the main aisle all the people were reaching their hands to try to touch the icon. The choir was singing a popular song to the Virgin … Continue reading