The Argentinean priest in Iraq who experiences the scary advance of ISIS’ jihadists


Father Luis Montes arrived in Baghdad in 2010 and he is witnessing with impotence “the disintegration” of that country; his distressing narration about the threat that the Islamic State represents By Julieta Nassau / LA NACION   The 31st of October 2010, around six men armed with machine guns broke in the Sunday mass in the Syrian Catholic Church of Our Lady of Salvation, in Baghdad. 58 people died, among them, two priests. The crosses and other religious symbols bursted into pieces. The jihadist group Islamic State in Iraq claimed … Continue reading

You Are Not Alone!

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“I have asked the Lord for one thing… to live in the Lord’s house all my life” Gift from our friends of Catholic-link God bless them!   You Are Not Alone! The Video that Concludes our #20DaysforPeace Compaign A beautiful video that gathers together photos from the hundreds of people that participated in #20DaysforPeace. Dear Brothers and Sisters in the Middle East, Weeks ago, we listened to the dramatic petitions of Cardinal Fernando Filoni, the personal envoy of Pope Francis. They came after… (CONTINUE READING)

“Mosul: How Christians were betrayed”


By Fulvio Scaglione “Yes, there were gestures of solidarity from Muslims towards persecuted Christians. Also in Mosul, when we were expelled some escorted out of the city the Christians families who had everything stolen. But we have great bitterness in our hearts because more numerous were the cases when our own neighbours, people with whom we lived together and often shared the bread, were the first ones to plunder our houses and take our stuff.” From Alqosh, a Kurdistan town where he was the parish priest, the voice of Monsignor … Continue reading