Cardinal Parolin to UN: International community must stop terrorist aggression

Cardinal Pietro Parolin echoed the Pope’s call to “take action to end the humanitarian tragedy now underway” in the Middle East.

The Vatican Secretary of State, addressed the 69th UN General Assembly in New York, where he warned of the growing threat of the terrorist group ISIS.

The Cardinal also said that the “transnational” form of terrorism used by ISIS requires the combined forces of many nations to stop their violence and aggression.

Vatican Secretary of State
“My Delegation wishes to recall that it is both licit and urgent to stop aggression through multilateral action and a proportionate use of force.”

Cardinal Parolin stressed the danger that terrorist groups, such as ISIS, pose to all nations by “persecuting and murdering in the name of God.”

Vatican Secretary of State
“With the dramatic situation in northem Iraq and some parts of Syria, we are seeing a totally new phenomenon: the existence of a terrorist organization which threatens all States, vowing to dissolve them and to replace them with a pseudo-religious world government.”

Cardinal Parolin emphasized the growing number of youth who have joined ISIS.

He said that the UN must focus on the cultural issues and the effectiveness of international law that bring young people to join such groups.

Vatican Secretary of State
“As a representative body of a worldwide religious community embracing different nations, cultures and ethnicities, the Holy See earnestly hopes that the international community will assume responsibility in considering the best means to stop all aggression and avoid the perpetration of new and even graver injustices.”

Cardinal Parolin concluded his address by bringing attention to the plight of world’s poor.

He also applauded the UN Sustainable Development Goals, which he said do not impose lifestyles “which tend to show a disregard for human life” on poorer states.


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