Donations for Iraq’s refugees


Two parishes, one in USA and the other in Italy have collected money, which they sent us for the refugees. The total donation they sent was $10,000. A community of sisters in Peru also donated some money for the Iraqi displaced people. We want to thank them for such beautiful gesture. Such Christian communities who showed readiness to help the needy ones reflects an act of love, charity and solidarity; they prove that they are alive! They follow Christ’s example who “takes pity on them”. They are helping Christ himself … Continue reading

An impressive chain of friendship and solidarity


When we startedourblog “Friends of Iraq” along with its facebook page, in threelanguages​​, we did not imagine thatit would grow so quicklyto what itis now. We had watched with sadness that Iraq had no friends, only people with their own private interests who used the situation it to their own advantage. Aside from such interests we saw ignorance, indifference and mistrust. At present, we cannot say the same, or at least not of everyone. Yes, there is the vast majority of the powerful who continue with their vain and stupid … Continue reading