“Iraq: A Country of Martyrs”


Interview with Fr Luis Montes*, IVE to the information service of the Holy See Foundation “Aid to the Church in Need” (ACN). Original link of the news: https://www.ain-es.org/fichaNoticias/detalleNoticia.aspx?identificador=2469   Father Luis Montes, a missionary priest of the Institute of the Incarnate Word welcomes in his parish the Christian refugees who are fleeing from ISIS militants Father Luis Montes is a missionary priest of the Order of the Incarnate Word in the Community “Christ the King” in Baghdad, the Iraqi capital. He arrived to the Middle East from his native Argentina … Continue reading

An impressive chain of friendship and solidarity


When we startedourblog “Friends of Iraq” along with its facebook page, in threelanguages​​, we did not imagine thatit would grow so quicklyto what itis now. We had watched with sadness that Iraq had no friends, only people with their own private interests who used the situation it to their own advantage. Aside from such interests we saw ignorance, indifference and mistrust. At present, we cannot say the same, or at least not of everyone. Yes, there is the vast majority of the powerful who continue with their vain and stupid … Continue reading

Terror and statistics


The number of victims in Iraq is chilling. The damage that is occurring to these lives in this country and ultimately in the world is irreparable. It is a nameless tragedy. Given that the news that you receive is so terrible, yet the reality of it gets lost in the statistics. It’s too big for our mind to comprehend. Therefore I would like to tell you the situation which I heard about today of a family. This is to put a face to the tragedy. Not in the sense that … Continue reading

The Argentinean priests who are holding on with the Christians in Iraq


Exclusive interview by María Laura Avignolo   In Iraq, at least 250,000 Christians and Yazidis, one of the oldest sects in the world, are running away by thousands from the beheadings, crucifixions and executions by ISIS, the Islamic Sunni fundamentalists, Army of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria. Terror was planted with obvious brutality. The atrocities and the escape to the mountains, to the Kurdish areas, by thousands, without anything but what they were wearing, has generated a humanitarian disaster never seen in that country. Around 50,000 Yazidis are … Continue reading

The Current Situation in Iraq


As everyone can notice, the news about Iraq has been reduced to a minimum. Nothing has been solved and the situation is extremely difficult, but Iraq does not “sell” anymore. Now it is Gaza’s turn, and when the infernal wave of violence there passes away, without anything having been resolved, Gaza will also disappear from the news. The official stories told by the media will continue to be this way, when some wars are in fashion for a few days, but in which almost no one thinks about the victims. … Continue reading

The problem of evil


The problem of evil that worries the modern people it can be solved in Jesus Christ, like any other human problem. As we were taught by the Second Vatican Council with a phrase unceasingly repeated by John Paul II “only in the mystery of the Incarnate Word does the mystery of man take on light.” Many catholic writers have thrown light on the evil’s mystery and from different points of view; they show us an immense wealth because is based in God’s being and his will for us. But this problem is troubling the modern man because he … Continue reading

Praying for peace in the world, especially here in Iraq


On Thursday, June 26th, we had a Holy Hour before the Blessed Sacrament with the intention of praying for peace in the world, especially here in Iraq. All Catholic and Orthodox parishes inBaghdad were invited to participate. The Daughters of Mary, a group of consecrated laywomen, were in charge of organizing the ceremony which consisted of moments of silent prayer, songs, meditative readings, and intercessions. The Apostolic Nuncio, Bishop Jorge Lingua, and his secretary, attended, together with a numerous group from an Orthodox Parish, men and women religious from various institutes, a group of handicapped … Continue reading

From Amman: Starting Afresh from Education to Counter Terrorism


Martino Diez A few days before the visit of Pope Francis, the Royal Institute for Inter-Faith Studies and the Pontifical Council for Interreligious Dialogue brought together Christians and Muslims to talk about education. In the meanwhile, a few miles away the cyclone of the Syrian war was in full swing. This was not the first time that the Royal Institute for Inter-Faith Studies of Amman and the Pontifical Council for Interreligious Dialogue had met for a few days of work. But the conference of this year, which was on education, … Continue reading

Inauguration of the chapel “Saint John Paul II” in Baghdad, Iraq


On May 13th, the feast day of Our Lady of Fatima, was the official inauguration of the chapel “Saint John Paul II” of our IVE community in Iraq. Our Bishop, Monsignor Jean Sleiman, consecrated the temple and blessed the altar. Besides the two priest of the Institute present in Bagdad, concelebrated the Dominican Priest, Rami. We could not do a very big celebration, because after all it is a chapel and space is limited, therefore, the prior weekend we invited our faithful at Sunday Mass. With that, it was at … Continue reading

Increasing violence in Iraq


Ten days ago I wrote about the increasing violence in Iraq. It was before Mosul and many other cities were taken by the terrorists. What was going on was nothing compared to what happened next. But it was something we were expecting. I publish the post so it is clearer. The final conclusion gains more value. As we say: facts cannot be denied with words. It is unbelievable (or not) that the west is still denying their responsibility in Iraq’s debacle. They have the nerve to not accept their responsibilities … Continue reading