Inauguration of the chapel “Saint John Paul II” in Baghdad, Iraq


On May 13th, the feast day of Our Lady of Fatima, was the official inauguration of the chapel “Saint John Paul II” of our IVE community in Iraq. Our Bishop, Monsignor Jean Sleiman, consecrated the temple and blessed the altar. Besides the two priest of the Institute present in Bagdad, concelebrated the Dominican Priest, Rami. We could not do a very big celebration, because after all it is a chapel and space is limited, therefore, the prior weekend we invited our faithful at Sunday Mass. With that, it was at … Continue reading

A Youth Meeting over the theme of “Understanding Religion”


Today, Friday 14th/ March/2014 there came a group of young men and women, university students to our Latin Cathedral of St. Joseph and St. Teresa for a meeting over the theme of “Understanding Religion,” presented by Msgr. George Panamthundil, the first secretary of our Apostolic Nuncio in the Vatican Embassy.  There were no communication obstacles, though the latter comes from an Indian origin, speaking nine languages except Arabic, addressing a youth from a Middle Eastern background. Before we used English as a medium to communicate, we used the language of … Continue reading