The children of Mosul and the future: the “five-star” refugee camp


de Bernardo Cervellera In the garden of the parish of Mar Elia beside the tents there are containers that serve as classrooms for the children and as a library. Another serves as a room for sewing. A children’s choir. Fr. Douglas: “Taking care of refugees does not just mean thinking about eating, drinking, medicines, injections, vaccinations … The displaced persons need to do something and to cultivate hope.” Erbil (AsiaNews) – Before lunch we visit the refugee camp of the parish of Mar Elias, which is not Elijah the prophet, but … Continue reading

My greetings to all these magician-clowns from Baghdad

foto 1 scuola di magia

Our friend Pimpa is sending us this thanking message from Italy. We are the ones who have to thank him for all what he did! Blessings to Pimpa!   The faces of these “adult”-children marked by a sense of coldness and gloom for their fleeing their houses,persecution, are actually still alive, becoming the simplest reason of joy. Simple like seeing a plate of soup, Simple like wearing new shoes, Simple like drinking a glass of water. My greetings to all these magician-clowns from Baghdad, grown ups and children. You are … Continue reading