ASIA/YEMEN – Almost 2 million children forced to abandon school

ASIA/YEMEN – Almost 2 million children forced to abandon school
Sana’a (Agenzia Fides) – Warfare continues in Yemen and among many serious consequences, children, some 2 million, are forced to abandon school. So far 3,600 schools are closed, and pupils and families have been moved to safer places. Among the schools closed, 248 raised to the ground, another 270 used as shelters for displaced persons and the remaining 68 occupied by armed troops. For the school system in Yemen, according to UNICEF, the impact of the situation is devastating. At the moment the United Nations organization is working to provide scholastic support for more than 2,000 children, supplying exercise books, pencils and school bags.
For its part Yemen’s education ministry is trying to mobilise the necessary teachers and organise temporary premises, such as tents, to serve as classrooms. The next school year is due to start September 5 but it all depends on security conditions in the country. Prior to the present conflict, the rate of school attendance in Yemen was 79%, despite 2 million children denied schooling because of poverty and discrimination and an extremely poor quality of education.


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